Helpful Hints

Things to consider when choosing technology …..

  1. Identify the issue you are trying to address, for instance an individual might want to take their own medication but sometimes they might forget.
  2.  Be clear who the technology is supporting, the individual or the carer. Sometimes it will be both parties
  3. The person using or benefiting from the technology must be involved in the process and give their consent to the solution. If someone is not able to give consent a ‘best interest’ decision should be made as described in the Mental Capacity Act.
  4. Will any modifications be required to the home or doorway to install the device? Will spare batteries be required?
  5. Some gadgets may require a maintenance agreement with manufacturers or the company who provide the service
  6. Plan a ‘response protocol’ with the individual being supported. This is a safeguard to make sure a person’s needs are met if they don’t respond to their gadget or their gadget fails. For instance, if someone does not respond to their prompt to take their medication, an additional prompt or an alert to a carer might be necessary.
  7. Has the technological solution achieved the expected outcome? Sometimes additional benefits are experienced such as increased independence and confidence this might suggest that further solutions could be suggested.
  8. Do the relevant people involved in the individual’s life know about the technology being used and why (of course allowing that is what the individual wants)?
  9. If you need help with funding this may be available from statutory or government departments but this does vary from region to region. Speak to your Social Services department in your region for further advice.